Songs of Passover

  A Musical Celebration | by Azuza

Azuza - The Band

Azuza: The Band

"Hear, O kings; give ear, O rulers! I — to the Lord, I will sing, I will sing praise to the Lord, the God of Israel." Judges 5:3

Azuza was formed in 2003. Our music combines the rich roots of Middle Eastern music with contemporary, rock, folk, jazz, and blues to create a unique sound for praise and worship.

We believe that we were created to praise and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is for that reason that Azuza exists. We also believe that praising the Mighty One of Israel with heartfelt tunes is good for the soul. We pray that you will experience this joy when you listen to the music that the Lord has brought through us.

Azuza has recorded two CDs:

  • His Holy Temple (2006): A collection of praise and worship songs, including many taken directly from the Psalms. All of the material is written by Azuza, with guidance from the Spirit of God.

  • "Songs of Passover" (2006): Featuring music of the Passover festival. Most of the songs are originals, written by Azuza, while the others are traditional songs, including Dayenu and Le-Shanah Haba'ah B'Yerushalayim.

Bryan Wong: Bass guitar, drums, vocals

Bryan Wong

Bass guitar, drums, vocals

Years ago I played secular music in nightclubs in New York City as a drummer. After coming to know the Lord, I had a renewed desire to play music again. This time I picked up a bass guitar and even began to write music that I believe is inspired by the Lord. Songs that express the love of Gods land, Israel, and its people are near to my heart. I have lived in British Guiana (Guyana), Barbados, and the United States, but felt at home when I visited Israel. I pray that you will be blessed by the music that Azuza creates.

Equipment used on this CD:

  • Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe Series guitar
  • Music Man Sterling bass guitar
  • Roland Cube 30 bass amplifier
Beth Wong: Rhythm guitar, vocals

Beth Wong

Rhythm guitar, vocals

I truly enjoy the blessings of playing Messianic music with Azuza. Although I enjoyed performing classic pop and rock with a local Orlando band, it can not compare with the honor to praise the Holy One of Israel with music and psalms. I feel very blessed with the opportunities the Lord has given us with our CD, Songs of Passover, and our newest release, His Holy Temple. My prayer to the people who listen to our music around the world is that it will bring joy to each listener's heart and praises to the Lord.

Equipment used on this CD:

  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar
  • Ovation OP30 Celebrity Deluxe acoustic/electric guitar
  • BOSS BF-3 flanger pedal
  • BOSS CH-1 chorus pedal
  • BOSS PH-3 phase shifter pedal
  • Rocktek® Son-of-a-Pitch® tuner

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